Update #5 | Birthday & weekend away.

Update #5 and it’s actually up on a Wednesday, despite me feeling like an update every Wednesday is a bit unachievable for me at the moment. Maybe it will be once I am home again in Australia and with more of a routine, but while I’m holidaying…No can do. So Updates every second week.

Whats happened?

A few things have happened since my last update? Well, 18th of August I celebrated my birthday with Jacob and I enjoying a quiet day together. Celebrated with a delicious Cheesecake and balloons filled with jellybeans! Sweetest thing ever. With a gorgeous matching ring and necklace, I was the happiest girl in the world. He knows me so well 😉 My brother also bought me these fabulous heels!! The day after my birthday, Jacob and I traveled to Giarre (post here) where we met with Jacob’s family and got to explore the amazing area for a couple of days before returning to Palermo. I also bought a new milk cleanser by Dr. Hauschka from Sephora. I look forward to trying this out for my morning cleanse 🙂 Let me know if you’d like a review post on my thoughts on it.

Whats to come?

Well, with eight days left in Palermo, I feel Jacob and I have enjoyed the city. Nothing crazy happened, it was a nice relaxing two months in this area. I feel slightly sad to be leaving Italy but I look forward to returning very soon, and we will make the most of our remaining days and look forward to going to England. We will be in London and around the Dover area. If you have recommendations on where you think we should go, places we must visit or great shops and cafes, drop me a comment! I am keen to discover some hidden treasures in London and what you guys love.

English breakfast here I come!!!


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