New house New Job & a little Positivity

I think we can all relate to the ups and downs that come along with, important changes in our lives. Whether we’re house-hunting or job-searching, what is most important is staying positive despite how hard and stressful these endeavours can be sometimes. I believe the source of this stress sometimes stems from the belief that without these things sorted and handled in the way we imagine, the utmost terrible things could happen. What is funny, is that this is not the case. We started with nothing, all of us, and if we can make something of nothing to begin with, we can do it again.

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? The job or the home? You can’t really have one without the other. Something that I have experienced many times before and recently experienced again while apartment hunting is, while Jacob and I were in a mad rush and felt pressured by ourselves to get our new dream apartment ASAP, it just wasn’t happening! We were either disappointed or couldn’t agree on places! As soon as we let go of that pressure and decided “We will just find a temporary share-house until we find the perfect home for us”,  then low and behold, the perfect place popped up, without us really committing to searching! With no stressing and fretting to hurry along the process, the universe just lined something up for us. We had started looking for homes more casually and no longer looking for flaws in a place and why it may not be perfect for us, we both became more relaxed and enjoyed the process.

So, if you ever feel like there is pressure to complete something or you’re stressed for a deadline, relax, step back, and do what you can, when you can. Forcing things to happen won’t make it easier, and it will sort itself out. And with our new apartment, we are both incredibly happy and I cannot wait to decorate!!

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