Update #7

What to say in Update #7 …

Whats Happened?

Well, since my last update I have enjoyed a month in England, exploring various castles, towns, and many a pub. Compared to the five months Jacob and I had to explore and appreciate Italy for all its worth, it proved hard having only a month in England to see and do all we wanted. I think also what made it difficult to go out and explore, is where we were staying. We stayed with my second cousin and she made us feel very much at home. She was so welcoming and with only a month until our return to our actual home, it was the perfect place to relax and unwind from the holiday and get ready for reality to hit us. Haha. We did have the opportunity to enjoy a few days in London, mind you, and a couple of nights at Oxford at the end of our time. With a bittersweet goodbye to England and the family, it was time for Jacob and I to commence our maybe-not-so-brilliant return journey, spending 24 hours and 10 minutes in transit to Australia.

Whats to come?

Who knows.

No literally, who knows? Jacob and I are taking time out to see our families after spending half a year gone and at the same time looking for work and a new place to live together in Sydney. We both let go of our previous homes and jobs before we left for our holiday and now it’s time to start again. While Jacob will continue studying next year, I will hopefully be working in a career I love (Fashion related! fingers crossed). I will keep up with blogging and hopefully once a routine comes into play my posts will become more scheduled for you all. At this beginning, Jacob and I are feeling a touch nervous. It’s something new for us, and nothing is certain, but we’re taking a leap of faith and being open to anything that comes our way while knowing something good will come along. We have so much to be grateful for and now that we know what’s out there, our goals and our standards for ourselves are set so much higher to strive that little bit further.

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With love,



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