Why I love England.

With sporadic, and dreary weather, startlingly friendly people and what seems like 2/3rds of the worlds historic landmarks, England is a unique and wonderful country at the heart of fashion and theatre that feels like my home away from home.

Something I want to comment on is the general manner of the English people. They are incredibly polite and welcoming in a way that I haven’t experienced anywhere else. (So far!) The words “God that person was incredibly nice” were spoken so often between Jacob and IĀ while we were there. Jacob also got incredibly chuffed when the little ol’ lady at the petrol station who said “have a good day lovely” Haha.

Something that really amazes me about this country is that yes, those massive landmarks everyone knows about have a great history but even the small towns you just stumble across have the most amazing stories that go so far back you are left gobsmacked. History is something that people in England not only learn about at a young age but also grow up appreciating it because they live with it right at their doorstep.

With so much history and old structure, England has transitioned into the modern world. Transport has progressed allowing for people to be connected across the countries, whether travelling within England on highspeed trains or across the English Channel to Europe. It’s reliable in a way that even Australia and possibly other countries are not. I speak from experience because traveling around Australia getting from one city to the next could be made a hell of a lot easier if someone got us a bloody highspeed train lol. Now not delving into it further, let’s just say we would save a lot of money on airfares if we had better train lines. šŸ˜‰

Some people find the unpredictable and sometimes dreary weather a turn off from the country but I’m not really fazed, to be honest. The drizzling days are perfectly spent relaxing inside and watching a good movie. I can also bet that no one likes going to work and being stuck inside if it’s sunny so they’re not missing much. Haha. If anything I’m overjoyed with the cool weather; I get to expand my wardrobe to accommodate the climate. šŸ˜‰

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To enjoy a nice cup of tea at literally any time of day and any excuse to take a break and have one has been apart of my upbringing since I can remember. My mum moved with her family from England when she was twelve and out of all her siblings she has remained the most English. I never really thought I had any English traits until Jacob came along and kept pointing out different ways of how I pronounceĀ certain words or sayings he had never heard of in his life. It wasn’t until we arrived at my family’s in England that he noticed that I spoke in s few similar ways to them and realised my mum had passed some of those English traits to me. (Felt a bit of happy satisfaction with this) Haha.

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To say goodbye to England yet again this year, I feel incredibly lucky. I have spent time with my family in gorgeousĀ Kent and visited new destinations I have found that even though I didn’t grow up in England it’s an absolute pleasure to visit and be apart of it, if only for a fleeting amount of time.

I can not wait to return to this country that’s like a home away from home.

I’m sure the next time will be even better than the last.


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