Update #4

Hi everyone, update #4 for you.

Whats happened?

Jacob and I have moved from our last location, Isola Delle Femmine, to inside Palermo city itself. Isola is 45 minutes outside of the city and is a little fishing/beach town, and a lot of Palermo’s city dwellers often go there for a little weekend away. Now that we are based in the city, we are finding moving around more relaxed and convenient for exploring. I made a small post on my thoughts of Palermo city here.

So far, we have visited Palermo Cathedral (Post on it here) and the beautiful pretoria fountain, that is the picture above. As I said in my post on Palermo city, there is beauty in this city, but it doesn’t just hand it to you, you have to search and wander to find it. This still stands true. Jacob and I would be out one day looking for a snack or just browsing the streets, and we’d stumble across a museum or we’d find markets that are attached to other markets we previously knew about but didn’t realise were so massive and connected to so many little streets. We also found that we have been walking miles (maybe an exaggeration) to get to a convenience store, to only realise one was just around the corner from our house, two days later. Haha. 🙂

Whats new in the suitcase?

Well, I have bought a couple of things (that I cannot wait!) to wear and make an outfit post on. I bought a skirt from H&M in a gorgeous military green that you may have seen in my instagram post here. I also discovered the store Miss Sixty, and it is my denim heaven! I bought a gorgeous denim dress with lace detail on the back, and a denim crop top with puffed up sleeves. It is a whopping 33 degrees in Palermo most days and while I so badly want to wear these items i’d be melting in them! So, come September, when Jacob and I go to England, I’m sure I’ll have the chance.

Whats to come?

It’s August, which is a special month for me, because of course it’s my birthday soon! Haha. 🙂 Still a little kid when it comes to it.

Not this weekend but the next, I think Jacob and I might take a day trip to Mt Etna to explore some of the country side and see his family. Other than this I’m not entirely sure what else is on the cards.

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Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 17.50.23

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