The Sicilian Capital

There is something different about Palermo. I have been to my share of cities but never have I been to one that feels quite like it. The hustle and bustle of a city is all the same, even the norm of Sicilians cutting in line and yelling over each other as they talk. How do they know what the other person has even said? There is beauty in this city, but it doesn’t just hand it to you, you have to search and wander.

I found, if you head out with the intent of seeing one thing, you often end up seeing that and then some. Jacob and I started one of our days at the Palazzo dei Normanni, a gorgeous ornate 9th century castle/museum with the park Villa Bonanno across from it, filled with palm trees and hedges. You can enjoy some shade and a nice breeze that crosses through the vast open courtyard area, where you can spy the cathedral in the distance through the tops of the palms. We continued our wandering through the city, not really looking at a map, choosing to pick random paths and roads through the city. Crossing ways with the cathedral of Palermo (that I hope I get the chance to walk the observation roof of). Stumbling across clothing, fabrics and even chandelier markets. We ended our day sitting on the steps of Teatro Massimo, amongst the many other occupants taking advantage of the shade the theatre casts. The Teatro Massimo, for those of you who are fans of the God Father, was the filming location of the 3rd movie’s final scenes.

Through the university area adjacent to the Foro Italico Umberto road/highway, you will find food markets galor, granita on nearly every corner. The markets, I believe, are on every day.

Mondello beach to the north hosts thousands of people taking up one beach towel (and half of your beach towel as well) worth of space. It’s almost bathwater temperatures make it an ideal place to spend some of your down time, relaxing and enjoying the sun. If you can find it empty (probably not in the hight of summer season) you can capture a stunning shot along the waters edge right up to the mountains in the distance.

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Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 17.50.23

Read about the best view of Palermo City here.

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