My European travels didn’t start in 2017, but back 31st July 2014, Kingsford Smith Airport Sydney, heading to London. Visiting not only London I got to experience France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. However, it was a hurried trip as I spent only one month overseas, not even close to enough time to thoroughly enjoy every place I visited.

I set a goal upon myself to travel overseas at least once every year and I did this. Maybe not to Europe but to New Zealand on two different occasions, and Singapore the other.

2016 came around and for me a lot of things happened, but come September I met Jacob. He was two months fresh from spending a month in Italy and already planning to go back in 2017 for an extended period. We decided to save ourselves the heartache of eventually breaking up when the time came for him to leave, I chose to go with him, and so a once in a lifetime experience began.


Airbnb has been our sole source of accomodation for our time in Italy so far.

Nine nights were planned for in Rome. Staying on just the outskirts of the city central, we were conveniently close to the city, but removed enough to have a nice quiet area to return to and relax.

We had plenty of little, local pizzerias and fresh food markets to choose from, each with a vast variety of fruits and vegetables, and a number of delicatessens to fulfill our love for various cheeses, meats and other assorted deliciousness for a daily antipasto smorgasbord.

Day Trips

With the hundreds of churches, museums and countless artefacts throughout Rome, you would think we’d have been set for things to do.

However, some days we found we wanted something more relaxed, away and out of the city, so like any traveller would, we hopped on google and looked up some different towns within close proximity to Rome that looked worth visiting.


We found this little gem just half an hour out of Rome while looking online at the Famous Castello Romani (a circuit of ancient Roman Castles). It turned out to be a peaceful and friendly little village with breathtaking views of the Roman countryside.

We were lucky enough to arrive on Liberation day, and stumbled upon a parade with a marching band, which treated us to some old Italian fanfare.


While Marino was full of winding, cute cobble stone roads, Frascati was a lively town full of hustle and bustle, with its share hidden treasures to be sure. The villa Aldobrandini perched on the hill side is definitely a sight to see (not that it can really be missed…)

My recommendation would be the Savello Park on top of Aventine Hill for a place with a spectacular view of the city skyline of Rome.

It is also home to the Aventine Keyhole. Peering through a keyhole (feeling a little like Alice In Wonderland) you can spy the dome of St. Peter’s, perfectly centre, framed by beautiful hedges. The door itself leads to the Priory of  the Knights of Malta, the legendary crusader knights and religious order.

No one can say with certainty whether this was a beautifully planned peepshow or, just a lucky coincidence.

Note: The gardens inside can only be viewed by appointment.

One of our lazier lunch platters; in bed being piggies


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After hours of wandering the winding streets and stepped alleyways, we decided to have lunch at this beautiful, scenic overlook.

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Rome, a city waiting to tell you a story and show you places that will leave you craving more.

Comment below if you have any questions.

Happy travels, and remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away. X

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